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Now Let me explain wath are:

Now Let me explain wath are:
These collages are born from an encounter with a place, the excitement of discovering
unusual subjects such as a road sign, a group of people, architecture new or old,
a particular palette of colors, textures anything that fascinate me, urging my fancy.

It 'a travel experience more than conceptual, is to propose a new vision through my filter visual and emotional, rarely stretch famous tourist spots, because there nothing to reinvent, all have in mind a default emotion that create the famous places, I like to make a place trivial nice, the bad stimulant.

I continued my journey around the world, this new collage to open a series on open spaces.
This new series started a few months ago titled 'around the world' is a new way of exploring the continents that Google Maps has mapped until today.
The consistency is that I use exclusively the images of google maps effects, color tones are all original as in my previous virtual tour. This new series will breathe new concepts of composition and a particular
freedom to use whatever detail, every place is the source inspiration and I love it
just turn it to create a humorous atmosphere and a visual game.

Mash Red marker write on any surface, Cile and Russia 
Fantastic street view of snow-capped Chile and Russia made​with hikers on skis and a backpack particular
called the Trekker with 15 lenses each pointing in different positions and when combined they form an overview to 360 degrees. 
An adventure of a stylistic scenery all white, never faced before.
Chile in particular the contrast of the red earth and the low colour tone of snow and the light is not bright, are a good start then my attention stopped on the red cord, similar to section pen marker, from where I started to build the collage I quickly put the 3 people in the center of the white snowy peaks of Russia, to create a visual interest to light.  A game of composition, color and rhythms of texure of objects and snow. WOW!


Here is a new generation's collage with Google Maps, it's story a journey that lasted a year around 2011-2012 around Unit States of America through Google Maps, is a mature work and research on my digital compositional skill has followed with the new landscapes that I met on my journey, trying to interpret reality by creating a visual games. I product 29 collage all with personal annotations as diary.

I open Google Maps  and digit Honolulu because after the traffic of New York, 
I want to get away and relax and I click on the pegman and dragged him to the place on the map
 and a moment of suspense the screen turns black when it loads the image,
WOW .... here is a wonderful place bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds, pink beaches, 
palm trees and skyscrapers, gorgeous.

These two perspectives  motivates me,  and here start my new series of collages
 that I call  'MASH' means to mix, crush '.

So I start to select the image that prompts me more, the skyscraper in the top right
and then paste in the building with the rooftop pool, the big white car, and under
with a piece of road with small cars and create a rhythm between the arrows of the road and
crosswalks, followed by palm trees, the beach, and magically run on the pier concrete
and then with a surfboard ride the clouds over the sea.

Here is my collage of my wonderful virtual journey.


Copyright:The images captured from Google Maps are copyright © Google and if third-party suppliers are mentioned each collage.please ensure that the copyright © Google is clearly mentioned and also attribute the modified work to the digital artist Annalisa Casini.Disclaimer:This blog My Journey with Google Maps is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google.

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