My name is Annalisa Casini are a multi-creative , my artistic training is self-taught I have always loved to express myself in all forms of contemporary visual art digital.

I have made several collage on the theme of ironic paradox of our age of consumerism , marketing cat food x Monge , the Web cam stone , types of couple with vegetal life , and see some videos AGAMI08 , I learned to lay out digitally created books with my creations and self-produced pictures with my publishing house HomePublishing insolitibuk .

But the leap artistic took place 2011 to 2012 is a mature work both the composition and the search of the places , I traveled for a year virtually with Google Maps to all 29 United States producing collage (of which only 14 out of New York), a method unique inventing new rules of composition with dizziness and surreal visual.


Since 2007 ,
my artistic formation was formed browsing the archives ASAC library modern art the Venice Biennale and I explored the visual topics on digital art , architecture, graphic design and photography of the American road , web design, modern art.

I learned how to use your software, digital painting , video editing and layout publishing and refined my technique with expressive collage with images that tell with irony the paradoxes of our modern consumerist , web, and travel . 

I participated in the course of one year on ' Artist Book ' at the International School of Graphics in Venice, which allowed me to acquire the techniques of fodamentali layout and binding by hand.

I gave shape to my study of street photography on tourists in Venice , realizing the artist's books theme .

 I traveled for a year through Google Maps for the United States of America , realizing no. 29 collage (of which nr 14 on NY) this is a mature work and is my best artistic expression with the digital , creating a revolutionary way of composition creating visual dizziness , surreal and exciting for the viewer.

2013 The August 29, 2013
 I sent nr . 3 collage series myjourneywithgooglemaps USA at the Saatchi Screen in Londonthat have been approved and are now visible on the screen to the public on the second floor dellla their headquarters Saatchi Gallery in London.

I am dedicated to recycling and reuse producing decorative items with vinyl records , and in-depth technical publishing , the next project on a new journey with Google Maps around new places.

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